New Client On-Boarding Questions

To get the ball rolling with your new website, please take a few minutes to answer the following questions, once we receive your answers, we can get started on the process to get your new website up and running as soon as possible for you. If you have any questions, please give us a call or email on Please fill in as many questions as possible, questions marked with a * are compulsory.

  • New Client On-boarding Questsions

Questions about you

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Questions About Your Business

What is your business name?

What does your business do?

Does your business have a tagline or slogan?

Do you already have a website?

Who is your businesses target audience?

Questions About Your Website

Do you already have a domain name (the www part) if so, what is it:

If you need a new domain name, what would you like? (Subject to availability)

Do you have a preferred colour scheme for your website?

If you already have a logo for your business, can you upload it here.

Max. size: 512.0 MB

Can you please list the title's of the pages you would like on your website.

If there are any websites, that you like the look of and would like a similar layout or theme on your site, then please list them here, and say why you like them.